Founded in 2014 by a father, son, one van, an amazing support system and a dream. BH Xpress has grown from a 1 vehicle fleet to 100+ vehicle logistics powerhouse.

“Our first load came after 2 weeks of searching, stumbling and falling, many many cups of coffee and late nightsand learning. It was a simple Missouri to Missouri run for one “Panther Premium Logistics”, who has since become BH Xpress’ biggest customer and business partner. Over the next 6 years, we would steadily grow from one van to ten, to twenty five, and now to over one hundred Owner Operators in our fleet. Our Owner Operators live all over the United States, and we pride ourselves on the diversity of our drivers, coming from all parts of the world. BH Xpress operates in the “freight expediting” business exclusively with Cargo Vans and Sprinter Vans, and has done so for the past 6 years. Having spent 6+ years in this business has given us the opportunity to master our field, as we have seen thousands of situation, we have fixed thousands of problems, and delivered 40,000+ loads. Yet, we still continue to come across and learn new things every day!”

– Aldin Hadzic, President

Meet the team…

Aldin Hadzic
Hamida Ibradzic
Zaim Hadzic
Data Entry
Azra Hadzic
Accounting Manager
Alen Kajtezovic
General Manager
Asmir Dzopa
Operations Manager
Dina-Aina Zukic
Branch Manager
Nermin Sehic
Customer Service Rep
Irfan Haskovic
Inas Gacanin
Customer Service Rep
Amina Jasarspahic
Faruk Zeljkovic
Customer Service Rep

BH Xpress' family of companies

In efforts to be able to better service our customers’ and drivers growing needs, BH Xpress has expanded into other areas of the transportation industry!

Black Stone Transportation

Asset Based 3rd Party Logistics Company (Freight Broker)

BH Freight

Carrier which operates with bigger vehicles, such as Straight Trucks, Tractor Trailers, Flatbeds, and more

BH Foundation

Non-Profit organization which has received thousands of dollars in donations from our family of companies mentioned above and given back to both local communities and communities abroad. BH Foundation has contributed in various causes such as helping the poor, helping the sick, donating to drivers in need, and much more!

Business Partners

The biggest keys to success are our Business Partners, customers and drivers. Without customers, there is no freight to move. Without drivers, there is nobody to move the freight. We believe that one of the biggest reasons for our success and growth is the viewpoint we have towards both our customers and our drivers. We believe that all parties in a relationship have to he equally happy and taken care of. We take our place in this relationship very seriously!

We know that our customers have to transport their freight from Point A to Point B, safely and security. We know our drivers have bills to pay and families to feed. BH Xpress respects the needs and desires of each party and our team works hard to get the job done and exceed everybody’s expectations!