Advice for individuals who are thinking about buying a Sprinter Van


A lot of people make a hasty decision to buy a Sprinter Van and become an expeditor without knowing exactly everything the job requires of them and what it offers.  Driving a Sprinter Van in the expediting industry can be a fantastic career. You can make great money while essentially being your own boss.  You choose what days you want to work and what days you want off.  You choose when to go on a vacation and when to work.  When you deliver a load in a city you have always wanted to visit, you can make it a mini vacation and take a few days off to explore and enjoy.  You don’t have to look over your shoulder for a manager who is micromanaging you and watching your every step, as you are typically left along as long as you do your job.  Potentially grossing over $10,000 in a month with all these perks, WHAT COULD GO WRONG?


Well, “maybe”.

The mistake many people make is that they don’t think about the pros and the cons.  Every position has it’s positive side and the negative side.  Some things to consider before buying a Cargo Van or Sprinter Van and entering the expediting industry are:

  1. Are you prepared to be away from your family for 10-15 days at a time?

If the answer to this question is anything but a firm “YES”, I strongly advise you to give it some more thought before putting yourself in a $50,000 loan.  Competition for freight is much higher in expediting than it is in trucking.  Many people do not realize that they cannot simply say “find me a load to my home town this Friday” and for that to actualize.  The fact of the matter is, sometimes drivers wait 2, 3, 4+ days for a load even when they are willing and able to take ANYTHING that comes out.  So the idea that dispatch will can find you a load going home at the snap of your fingers is a myth and a dream.  The reality is that if you want to be successful in this industry, you HAVE TO be prepared to “follow the money” or “go with the flow” as they say.  This means that you have to be willing to take whatever load dispatch can get for you.  The thing is that in that 10 to 15 days that I mentioned earlier, more often than not, you will get at least one load that delivers close enough to your home to where you can go empty.  If you are not prepared to stay on the road for a longer period of time and will try to “force” loads to home weekly, you will end up spending more days waiting for loads than you will driving.


Thanks for reading,

Aldin Hadzic
Co-Founder of BH Xpress


  1. Nsenga Maurice on July 31, 2017 at 8:13 pm

    Hi!I like your advice because is helping me in my job.
    I am owner operator of sprinter van.I would like to ask if i can join your company .If so ,do you accept that I can work with more than one company?
    Thank you

    • bhxpress on December 15, 2017 at 8:53 am

      I just now saw your comment!

  2. Charles H. Ray on September 22, 2017 at 2:59 am

    I am retired, single, live in Lake Park, Ga (Valdosta) GA. Off I-75. I own a E-250 Ford 2014. Interested in driving. Have a lot of realizes and friends throughout the country, so being on the road is fairly conveinant for layovers to kill waiting for loads. Please contact me, Charles Ray 229-375-3782

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